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Create Your Perfect Dating Profile for

How to create the perfect profile

Here's our Top Tips for creating the perfect profile to attract the ideal match on

General Text

Write what comes naturally. Make it a simple introduction to who you are and what you are looking for. Be honest, positive and maybe a little raunchy - it's early days, so you don't have to share everything at this stage - just provide what you are comfortable with to start that first conversation.

Your Interests Text

Selecting interests is almost as important as writing a good profile: we know that a large number of our members search by interests. Having something to share is essential to any sexy hookup and this will also help to ensure that your preferences are recognised by other members and you get the rendezvous you're after.

Carefully select those interests that really mean something to you: don't select interests just because you think they will appeal to others. It's a really simple process and can only help you to get what you're looking for.

Profile Picture

Your profile photo is the first thing a member sees and it's simply natural to want to put a face to a name. Put aside a few minutes to add a good, possibly sexy and seductive profile photo to grab some attention... don't forget to smile.