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Where is the sex capital of the UK?

Where is the sex capital of the UK?

Its English Tourism week and weve been searching the country for the best places to go for a sexy date. So weve found three of Englands "sex capitals" for you to sample below. Once youve found somewhere that tickles your fancy, simply log in and find your date!


Soho the sex capital of the UK? Well at least it once was. There are still signs that its unwilling to clean up its act though, with the occasional flickering neon lights tempting you in to sample its delights 'downstairs'. The nightlife in Soho is known for being one of the most vibrant in London. Find a date in the area today!


More recently Birmingham has been voted as the sex capital of the UK, a saucy new survey shows. Residents of Birmingham have been found to be the most likely people to be having sex every day. The survey also reveals that Brummies are not even satisfied with that (greedy buggers), and that 60 percent of them want even more. Search for your Brummie playmate today and give them what they want!


Cambridge is now throwing its hat into the ring for the crown of sex capital, with the residents of the university city going on more dates and getting more saucy action than anywhere in the country. This is certainly a contrast to its stuffy academic image; looks like all that hard work does something to your libido. Find someone in the area and teach them a sexy lesson...

Have fun,
The Casuals Team.