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Dating Security

You will have probably heard recently about a high profile Adult Dating website being hacked by an anonymous group. That group forced access to the website to access thousands of members profiles.

That included:-

The company in question is now being threatened with these details being leaked unless they shut their site down. If this had happened to your personal information you would be obviously devastated.
Luckily though that is not something you have to worry about if you are a member of Casuals. At Casuals we protect all our users by using a number of security measures. The main one being we have a secure website that uses https. That is the secure web space you would normally find on shopping websites but in this case we are using it on our entire website so not only are your card transactions and card details protected but every single bit of information you enter on this site at any point is protected from Hackers.

So why not join in the fun like all our other members knowing full well you are not going to be protected and anonymous,